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Why Consider Going Solar?
Clean & Unpolluted

Solar Energy does not emit greenhouse gases which makes it clean and pollution- free. Using solar energy means veering away from foreign oil and fossil fuels.

Easy and Affordable Investment

The cost to install solar panels on your roof has gone significantly lower over the years. With minimal to no maintenance needed, and coupled with Net Metering program where you can sell excess power to your utility company, you can maximize returns on your solar investment making it more affordable in the long run.

Lasting and Long Term

Solar panels are typically warranted to work for up to 25 years but they can last to more than that. With its performance degrading only at less than 1% each year, you still get about 80% of its original power after 20 years!

About Us

Our vision of a solar-powered Philippine community started in 2008 when a group of young engineers from the 1st Solar Manufacturing facility in the country, SunPower, shared a common passion for integrated solar PV systems over a cup of coffee.

Starting with solar streetlight projects serving private clients, we ventured into a full turn-key solar solutions provider in 2011 when Solarized Incorporated became a corporate entity. Since then, our team of dedicated Solarmen™ has gone relentless in providing quality services to our clients.

Our Services
Solar PV Installation Services

Our team of experienced project managers, engineers, and solar technicians provides labor and technical expertise to any of your Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation needs. Be it a ground-mount or rooftop installation, solar water pump system, or solar streetlights, you can rely on our Solarmen crew to deliver quality craftsmanship meeting or even exceeding your expectations.

Solar PV Maintenance Services

We have a crew of Solarmen dedicated to cleaning and maintaining overall upkeep of solar panel systems (rooftop, ground-mount, solar water pump systems, solar streetlights) according to a condition-based maintenance schedule or periodic parts replacement of clients and partners. We supply labor, cleaning materials, solar components, and assessment reports pre and post maintenance/replacement activities.

PV Systems Design and Consultancy

We offer system design, training, and solar consulting services.
Cut down on costs and time developing your solar PV systems. We can do preliminary inspections for you and package a design that will ensure you maximize returns on solar. From roof structural analysis, site inspections, solar on roof renditions, to generating blueprint designs, we cater to any of your solar design stage needs.

Our Products
Residential Rooftop Solar

Reduce or eliminate your monthly Electricity Bills with Solar

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar

Improve Cash Flow – Go Green with Solar!

Solar Street Lights

Zero bills. Light your Paths with Solar!

Solar PV Components

SunPower Flex Panels.Hensel Distribution Boxes.
Looking for high quality products? We’ve got you covered!